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The flavoring series for the industrial production of soups, sauces and other savory food products
The PentaBase Series - Introduction

The PentaBase is a series of savory flavor bases destined for the following industries:

  • Soups and soup mixes.
  • Sauces and sauce mixes.
  • Stock and bouillon cubes.
  • Savory bakery products.
  • Pasta products.
  • Ready meals.
  • Snacks.
  • Any other savory product requiring a "soupy" touch.
The PentaBase Categories

The PentaBase items are divided into two basic categories:

  • Flavor bases 

  • Mostly provide the basic flavor of the product, its seasoning and the flavor enhancement.  Available in powdered form.
  • Aroma bases

  • Providing the top-notes.  Available in liquid form.
The PentaBase flavor and aroma bases are mostly composed from the following functional ingredients:
  • Flavorings.
  • Flavor enhancers.
  • Spices.
  • Natural extracts.
  • Emulsifiers.
  • Various yeast extracts.
The Advantage for the R&D team

The development of a savory food product, such as soup or sauce, requires the right balance between many flavor-related parameters, such as:

  • Basic flavor.
  • Aroma.
  • Flavor enhancement (Umami).
  • Seasoning.
  • Saltiness.
  • Sweetness.
Only the harmony between all of these parameters yields the well-balanced product. 

Using the PentaBase series, the final goal of getting the harmonic flavor and sensorial combination can be achieved much easier. 

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Available Flavors

The PentaBase series include a variety of flavors, such as:

  • Chicken.
  • Beef.
  • Vegetable.
  • Gravy.
  • Tomato.
  • Mushroom.
  • Onion.
Most of the above listed flavors are available in different sub-types, adopted to different applications. 
The Tailor-Made Option

Further flavor and aroma bases can be developed upon specific request.  We also provide tailor made product development services, for ones requiring assistance in the creation of the final application.

About Pentaor

Pentaor The Art of Food Technology

Pentaor is a dynamic R&D company, located in Israel, established in 1997.

Pentaor is specializing in the development of food products, as well as in the manufacturing of multifunctional food ingredients, standing behind the unique characteristics of the said final food products. 

Pentaor's main technological specialties are in the savory flavorings field and in the long-life cake field.

In addition to the food ingredient field, Pentaor provides also food product development and technological support services, also in-site.

Besides these activities, which are destined to the food industries, Pentaor also serves as a strategic partner in the Hungarian soup mix company, Creo-Foods (www.creo-foods.com).

Another technological cooperation in which Pentaor is involved, is Stock-Cubes.Com.  Together with the two leading manufacturers of stock-cubes equipment, Bosch/Sapal and Bonals, the comprehensive technological solution for the manufacturing of stock-cubes is being offered (www.stock-cubes.com).


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