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PentaBase - Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 How can we get formulas for the usage of the PentaBase items in different applications?
A1 The interactive Excel formula at www.soup-base.com/formulas.html enables the user to choose the required flavors and the target applications.  The resulted formula provides the developer a starting point for the product development using the PentaBase.  The formula also enables to adjust complementary parameters like: saltiness, sweetness, thickness, costing and so on.  In the formula it is also possible to put the costs of the raw materials and to automatically get the total costing of the ingredients of the product.

Q2 Besides the general technological guidance given for the implementation of the PentaBase, is there a possibility for technological support for specific requirements? 
A2 Pentaor provides technological guidance to any specific requirement.  In cases of mass-industrial plants, we also give in-site support in the plant itself, while participating in the pilot trials in the customer's production facilities.  We also offer the possibility for tailor-made development of new flavors. 

Q3 Does the usage of the PentaBase affect the costing of the final product?
A3 The PentaBase usage may reduce the total costing of the formula.  By using the PentaBase, based on our recommended formulas, the user may reduce or omit the usage of expensive ingredients such as: chicken and meat extracts, flavor enhancers, milk solids, natural extracts and more.  In the interactive formula, it is possible to balance between the quality and the costing by choosing the proffered option in the "Richness" selection box.

Q4 In the formulas, it is sometimes recommend adding monosodium glutamate (MSG) to the product.  How can the PentaBase be implemented without the usage of MSG?
A4 Indeed, in part of the recommended applications it is recommended to add MSG to the products in order to enrich its taste.  However, none of the PentaBase items contain added MSG.  Thus, the PentaBase can be used also without the MSG addition.  For rich products without added MSG, it is recommended to use the natural items of the PentaBase series.  Using this natural PentaBase sub-category, the full flavor enhancement can be reached, without the addition of MSG, without any compromise in the quality.

Q5 For a product without addition of MSG, can it be stated that "the product does not contain MSG"?
A5 MSG is the sodium salt of the natural amino acid, Glutamic acid.  The fact that pure MSG is not added does not mean that the product is MSG free.  Glutamates are naturally found in many natural products like all types of meats, yeast, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, milk, tomato and more.  Also most of the PentaBase items contain natural glutamates, which naturally exists in the yeast that is included in part of the PentaBase items.  Thus, writing "MSG free" of "No MSG" or something similar, might be considered by some of the authorities in different countries as a misleading statement.  However, in most of the countries, if MSG is not being directly added to the product, there is no need to include it in the ingredient declaration of the product.  In any case, this issue shall be specifically examined according to the specific local regulations in the relevant countries.

Q6 Is the PentaBase suitable also for instant soups to be prepared by stirring with boiling water?
A6 Yes.  For instant soup mixes, two major parameters are required: (1) All of the pieces (dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated meats, noodles, etc.) which are added to the soup mixes have to be instant.  For this purpose, it is recommended to use freeze-dried vegetables and meats, instead of air-dried ones.  There is also need to use instant noodles, instead of standard ones.  Naturally, freeze dried vegetables, as well as instant noodles, are more expensive than the standard ones.  (2) All the added starches have to be instant, i.e., the flour and the cornstarch have to be replaced with instant starch.  The PentaBase fits for both purposes: cooked soup mixes and instant soup mixes.

Q7 How can we manufacture bouillon cubes or stock cubes using the PentaBase?  What is the required machinery?
A7 Visit our joint web-site with the two leading manufacturers of the stock/bouillon cube machineries, Bosch/Sapal and Bonals: www.stock-cubes.com

Q8 We would like to produce dry mixes with the PentaBase.  Can you recommend about the preparation procedure?
A8 For more information about industrial manufacturing of dry mixes visit www.soup-base.com/drymixes.html.  As for laboratory trials, the same procedure can be followed by using a food processor or a mixer.  If a food processor is being used, while adding pieces (in the final stages), the mixing shall be done without sharp blades. 

Q9 What type of fat shall be used for soup and sauce mix manufacturing? Can fat powder be used?
A9 The most recommended type is hydrogenated palm fat with melting point of about 45-50°C.  There is an importance also for the quality of the fat, in order to avoid oxidation of the final product.  As for fat powder, although it is more comfortable for usage, there might be two disadvantages: (1) higher costs in comparison to hydrogenated fat, (2) in the production process, the melted fat also functions as a protector for aromas and flavors.

Q10 What type of mixer shall be used for dry mix manufacturing?
A10 Most of the paddle mixers and the ribbon mixers may be suitable for this purpose.  In order to avoid the occurrence of lumps, it is recommended to use a mixer equipped with a lump crusher (which is an additional fast motor with blades).  Contact us in order to be referred to potential suppliers of mixers. 

Q11 We are interesting in the wholesale purchasing of the final soup and sauce mixes with the PentaBase.  Would it be possible to refer us to an appropriate source for that?
A11 It is possible to get a wide range of soup mixes, based on the PentaBase, from our Hungarian joint company Creo-Foods.  Please contact Creo-Foods by www.creo-foods.com

Q12 Is the PentaBase series available also from a non-Israeli origin?
A12 Yes, the PentaBase can be also supplied from a European production site.  Please be in contact with us.

Q13 What is the custom (HS) code for the PentaBase?
A13 21041000.

Q14 Is the PentaBase Kosher certified?
A14 Yes, Kosher Parve, under the supervision of the Ramat-Yishai Rabbinate - Rabbi Josef Yitzhak Volosov. 


Disclaimer: Any formula, advice or technological assistance is given by Pentaor or its representatives as a gratuitous general advice, to be examined and approved by the customer.  It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure the conformity of the products to the laws, regulations and patents in force in the countries where they may be implemented.